Where Do I Start? (Online Business)

Have you been looking to start earning money online?

Are you tired of your present job?

Does it seem like every time you talk to your boss you hate your job even more?

You know it is coming, that faint change just outside your bedroom window, you can see dawn is beginning to break. You turn over but you can’t go back to sleep because you know what is approaching. There is nothing worse than not wanting to get out of bed and go to work at a job you truly despise. The alarm goes off, you hit snooze one more time because the thought of what you do to make a living and pay the bills makes you want throw up!

You Are Not Alone

Did you know when surveyed over 60% of the people who were asked with total anonymity responded they were not happy with their job? let’s face it, here are the facts:

  • The coffee sucks
  • Your fellow co-workers don’t care
  • You really do not have the future you want where you are at
  • If you are where you are five years from now, you will not be fulfilled
  • Your boss is NOT your friend!

You Search For A Better Way

You have searched online for better jobs, more opportunity yet it seems hopeless. Then you look for online opportunities and fall into someones trap and get scammed! it sounded good, lots of testimonials, cool pictures of people living the good life but the guys you just signed up with want MORE money and keep promising a bigger, better life but all you have is less money in your bank account and that feeling in your gut that you were had!

Stop Believing The Lies!

If you are reading that you can triple your money in less than a day or a week, it is a SCAM!

Who Can You Trust?

Trust the people who tell that you won’t make money overnight. Trust those who say it takes time to build a real business online and you have to learn things and put some time in as well as work on it to see the fruits of your labor. You need to find a community of people that work together to help one another through the learning process and the challenges. You need to find a place where their is a system in place for training, a platform for buying your domain name and hosting it as well as doing research to make your site a little better every day.

I Found That Place

I found that place not all that long ago. I was right where you are sitting on the other side of the screen, not happy with my job or my boss knowing I had no control of my future. I dreaded getting out of bed, heading out to make money for people I never even met who had no real vested interest in me.

While I was looking I found information about a place called Wealthy Affiliate that I had never heard of. It was a place that had everything I was looking for and so much more. What really stood out was everything they had in one place:

  • Video training on how to get started
  • Hosting that was inexpensive and secure
  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat with fellow members who had answers to questions
  • No coding experience needed for building your business
  • Owners that were involved and interested in you and your future
  • A community who cares and helps you as you grow
  • Tools for SEO
  • Keyword research tools
  • Website backup
  • Strong Affliate Program to offer to others
  • Free sign up to learn and test out all they had to offer

Yes, Free To Sign Up

Wait a minute, did I just say Free Sign Up ? I don’t have to pay before jumping in and trying it out? Yup!

So stop banging your head against the wall, try Wealthy Affiliate for free!

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    I am a 7th generation Texan who loves the Lord, family & friends. I enjoy writing and helping people to achieve their goals in life.

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